Religion and Pluralism (Double Degree Master)

Type: MA | 1.5 jaar
Taal: Engels

This double MA degree combines the programme Religious Origins of Modern Society (University of Groningen (UG)) and the programme Identity, Exclusion, Integration, and Coexistence from Antiquity to Modernity (Córdoba University (UCO)).

The religious origins of modern society are richly diverse. Over centuries, Greco-Roman religion, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam actively contributed to the construction of modern culture, attitude and character. This DD MA delves into the history of these four religious traditions’ coexistence. The programme of University of Groningen focuses on Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman World, and the rise of Islam in (late) antiquity. The historical and philological analysis of their testimonies highlights the difficult first contacts, the lapses and relapses of their relationships and the resulting construction of the self and the other.

The programme of Córdoba University analyzes the role of Judaism and Islam in the absorption and transformation of ancient knowledge, and its transfer to the Christian West, hereby contributing to the early modern and contemporary world.

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