Religious Studies

Instelling: Universiteit Leiden
Type: MA | 1 jaar
Taal: Engels

The MA Religious Studies is designed to equip students with the tools and knowledge required for studying, interpreting, and analysing religion as a diverse (human) phenomenon. With its world-class scholars and access to exceptional research collections, the programme offers the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of religions and their manifestations from a comparative, multidisciplinary perspective.

In addition to taking two foundational courses, which focus on methodology and introduce important themes such as modernisation, globalisation, migration, and religious diversity, students choose from one of the following pathways: (1) Religion, History, and Society; (2) Religion, Politics, and Governance; or (3) Religion and Area Studies. Within these pathways, students can tailor course assignments to focus on specific religions, historical periods, regions, and political situations, as well as more global and theoretical comparisons. Additionally, there is space in the programme for an internship or conducting a fieldwork project alongside a member of staff.

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