Theology and Religious Studies: Building Interreligious Relations

Type: MA | 1 jaar
Taal: Engels

The specialization Building Interreligious Relations within the master program Theology and Religious Studies aims at those (want to) work in multireligious settings or wish to build interreligious relations within schools, work, community environments, or other settings. Globalization has brought about a pluralization of the religious sphere, bringing other β€˜world’ religions, such as Islam and Asian traditions, to the West. The religious other is no longer an abstract figure but is seen in all her concreteness as neighbor, colleague, friend, spouse, etc.
A need has arisen in recent years for interreligious dialogue in politics, education and business. This has much to do with globalization: flows of migrants, increasing mobility and new and changing modes of communication have made the world a smaller place.

The program offers students a deep understanding of historical and contemporary interreligious relations. It also prepares students to become academically trained future experts who have the knowledge and skills to build bridges between people from different (faith) traditions.

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