Theology and Religious Studies: Exploring a Discipline

Type: MA | 1 jaar
Taal: Engels

The specialization Exploring a Discipline within the master program Theology and Religious Studies is unique in its combination of guidance and freedom. Studying in the inspiring environment of the city of Amsterdam and the diverse Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit, the program allows the student to pursue his/her own area of interest in theology and the study of religion.

Students deepen their expertise in and knowledge of a particular discipline or topic in theology or religious studies. The program offers specializations in Dogmatics, Biblical Studies, Church History, Practical Theology, Philosophy and Religion and Islamic Theology as well as Leadership, Media, Spiritual Care and Teaching Religious Diversity. Courses are closely linked to centers and chairs of the Faculty and its affiliated institutions.

The program is also well-suited for those who already occupy a professional position in the field of theology or religious studies (minister, teacher, chaplain, etc.) wishing to deepen their knowledge.

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