Theology and Religious Studies

Type: MA (onderzoek) | 2 jaar
Taal: Engels

The VU research master in Theology and Religious Studies prepares very well for academic study of a specialized area within this broad field. Unique to the MA-program is that the student’s religious convictions can act as a starting point of a journey, in which the student will learn to critically develop one’s worldview in dialogue with others. Next to compulsory courses, the student enrolls in a number of specializations in her/his field of interest. The student will be provided both much freedom and support to organize his/her path.

As the program is directly linked to research centers and chairs of the Faculty, a student can explore his/her own research questions in a theological tradition, a thematic field, or both. Examples of specializations are Biblical studies and digital humanities, Early Christianity, Religious migration, Interreligious studies, Buddhism in the West, Islam, Reformed and Evangelical theology, Contextual Biblical interpretation, and Religion, peace and trauma.

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