Theology and Religious Studies

Type: BA | 3 jaar
Taal: Nederlands en Engels

The bachelor Theology and Religious Studies at VU offers a contemporary academic education to students who want to thoroughly delve into Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and/or Hinduism. It aims to train them to become engaged scholars with a deep understanding of historical and contemporary positions and value of theology and the study of religion – in scholarship, religious communities and society. Dialogical learning in an interfaith setting is one of the program’s core features.

Firmly establishing itself in national and international contexts, the program’s core courses are taught in English. With a classroom filled with students from different countries, cultures and beliefs, students enter into a dialogue with one’s own and other religious and world views. The BA thus prepares for undergraduates who can critically and reflectively study the relevant questions of today’s world, while understanding the language of religion – be it in textual, ritual, practical, experiential, institutional, or other forms.

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